About Us


Daniel and I (Sarah) met in San Francisco, back in the summer of 1998.  With our own unique experiences traveling abroad, we had both started to work for High Adventure Travel (now Airtreks Intl.), one of the first US companies to sell multi-stop, around-the-world airfare.  With a similar passion for travel and music, our initial friendship grew into a slow, romantic courtship full of overseas adventures and Indie concerts.  By 2001 we were embarking on our first trip together through Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos.  2002 saw us taking a 13 month hiatus to journey through the South Pacific and South America.   Upon our return to the US, we moved to New York, where we became engaged in a helicopter over Manhattan, married in my Parent’s L.A. backyard (Aug. ‘04), and gave birth to our Brooklyn girl, Miss Stella Mar in December ‘05.  By 2007, we had moved to Portland, OR., in preparation for Baby #2, and in search of more space close to nature, to nest and nurture. Our son, Gabriel Haven joined us in March ‘08 completing our family circle.  By 2013, well out of diaper changing, and with both kids in school, nostalgia for travel dominated our thoughts.  We wanted nothing more than to share the world with our children.
As parents, we feel the responsibility to teach our children about our world through more than books and moving images.  It was inevitable that our nomadic tendencies would eventually lead our family to a life of travel.   We have no idea where this path will take us, or how and when we will make it back to a place called “home”, but we have an insatiable thirst to learn and explore, which must be filled.  For the coming year, curiosity and adventure will be the motivating force in our lives.  We will vanquish fear, as a roadblock to discovery, make a conscious effort to worry less, and to have faith that the world will present us with beauty and joy in unexpected places and ways.  If we can share a little bit of our journey, both highs and lows, this blog has served its’ purpose.