I Hate Good-byes

July 19, 2015

Here I lie in my bed, waking from a siesta during the astonishing high temps of a freakishly hot Portland summer, doing my best to recover from a party hangover.

Yesterday marked the formal occasion of saying “good-bye” to many beloved  friends.  Weeks ago, Lisa and Tim, our dear neighbors who have become true friends, offered to host a send off for us.  They had special memories of their own good-bye party in New York, and wanted to create a similar celebration for us. Recognizing the extra hassle involved with planning any party, and the chaotic state of our home in these last few weeks of packing up, they handled all the invites, and provided their large backyard as the perfect space for a big group of adults and children.  It is a huge undertaking to invite that many people to your home, and I watched them slave away in their garden for long days before our party, weeding, mowing, trimming and power washing. The day of, temperatures soared to 100 degrees!  Our party was a potluck, where people could drop-by anytime between 2 – 8 PM.  Those early arrivers certainly suffered the worst of the heat, as we all clustered under the shade of umbrellas, while our wise children frolicked in the kiddie pool.

With copious keg beer, water, Italian soda, hot dogs grilled in the heat (sincere thanks to Tim!) and the many delicious contributions of our guests, thirst was quenched and bellies were filled.  We greatly enjoyed our conversations, filled with jokes and laughter, and the warmth we sincerely felt from all the people around us.

Things to remember:

  • All day heat, eventually saved by the shade.
  • Lisa’s African textiles, weaved mats and pretty garden flowers decorating the table and house.
  • Timmy patiently tweezing splinters out of Gabriel’s palm.
  • Guys congregating in the garage with the keg, while the ladies gab at the picnic table.
  • Mobs of children wading in the pool, playing chase and eating popsicles.
  • Chili dogs, chicken salsa and prosciutto figs from Patricia & Mollie’s garden
  • Little Maeve’s tiger roar and Dan’s subsequent Pratt fall over a pot, leaving him drenched in beer.
  • Explaining our crazy itinerary via a large pinned-up map.
  • Mark’s red, white and blue Pabst beer trucker hat emblazoned with a unicorn.
  • Britt pulling her “cancer” card.
  • Balloon fight – kids vs. adults
  • Tired kids (and adults), sprawled on couches – Caleb, Kea, Malea, Lola, and Kalani!

We are so very thankful that we were able to meet all of you wonderful people and share so many special memories of life in Oregon, that we cannot help but feel sentimental now.  We are truly grateful to call you our friends, for you make our lives joyful, meaningful, and rich.  I know it is hard to be the one’s staying behind, when we are leaving on what we hope is a fantastic adventure, but please know that we are taking you with us in our hearts and minds.  A year may pass before we see each other again,  but I have no doubts that our friendships will pick-up where we left off.  This affection extends to all of our friends who were unable to attend. We love you all!

Special thanks to Lisa, Tim, Clara and Maeve – We will miss you dearly!


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  • Reply Lisa July 21, 2015 at 4:56 pm

    This was a great party and I am so excited for all of you. xoxo

    • Reply Sarah July 21, 2015 at 9:47 pm

      This was a great party thanks to you and Tim. We will miss you and your girls.

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